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Grown and Flown

Graduation And The Heart-Rending Optimism Of Youth

How To Ruin A High School Grad’s Last Summer Of Freedom

In My Son’s Empty Room: How Did it Go By So Fast?

When You See That Your College Kid Has Found Their Tribe

The Real Problem With My Son’s Empty Bedroom

When Your College Kid Calls At 2AM


The Night The Tooth Fairy Got Scammed

Valley Living

Who Memorizes Phone Numbers Anymore?

Ripped Jeans and Bifocals

You Can’t Learn Parenting From A Book


Writers Weekly

How A Retired Master Plumber Became A Professional Writer, Newspaper Columnist, And Author!

Pen & Prosper




Furnace Compare

Buying a Wood Furnace

Buying HVAC Equipment Without a Middleman

Buying a Wood Furnace

High Efficiency Boilers

Plumbing & DIY


Plumbing Fittings That Do Not Require Soldering

How Many Gallons of Water Does It Take to Flush a Toilet?


How to Fix Pipes in a Shower That Have Rust & Low Pressure

Plumbing Code for Relief Valve on a Hot Water Heater

The Bump

How to Take the Shower Out of a Doublewide

How to Find Leaks in a Copper Pipe Behind the Walls


Newspaper Columns

Nothing Could Stop Me When I Wore My Bionic Glasses

Holy Saturday Nights, Batman!

Give Me Some Time And I’ll Become A Human Pretzel

No Need For An Extension Cord For The Truck I Have Now


Short Stories

Page & Spine

Ole Ethel


Vent Hole

Every Day Fiction

Always Together