Hi, I’m Gary Sprague, and as you’ve probably guessed I’m middle-aged and live in Maine. I’m also married, with two sons. My older son is an adult and no longer lives at home, while his brother is almost 11 years old and is with us for at least a few more years!

This blog is a collection of thoughts and essays from the perspective of a middle aged guy, similar to what I write for my guest newspaper column, Musings of a Middle-Aged Man. I’m a freelance writer and lucky enough to work from home, which means I have a lot of time to think about these things! There aren’t a whole lot of blogs out there about middle age, especially from a male point of view, so I thought I’d share the different aspects of being a middle aged man, including health, finances, marriage, fatherhood, etc.

As I mentioned, I’m a freelance writer, but for most of my adult life I was a plumber. By the time I reached my forties, after surgery on both shoulders and years of chronic back and knee pain, I realized it was definitely time for a career change. And so I did what any plumber would do – I became a writer.

Actually, I started by writing articles for a few plumbing and heating sites, and I still have my master plumbing license. But recently I’ve begun writing for writing and parenting blogs as well, and in the past year alone over 25 of my columns and articles have been published on various blogs.

I hope this blog entertains you and gives you a few laughs, and maybe we’ll all learn something along the way. With middle age, things are always changing and there’s always a new story to tell.