We have a bread maker?

By | October 11, 2017

Because we don’t have cable, I don’t watch any news in the morning. Instead, I usually watch The Andy Griffith Show on Netflix while I eat breakfast.

A few days ago, there was a kid on The Andy Griffith Show eating a sandwich. And what stood out to me was the size of the bread. Later that day, I made my son a sandwich for lunch and he commented on how small the bread was. It was basically the size of a big cracker, which is the size of most breads you get at the grocery store nowadays.

I mentioned this to my wife, and then I told her about the bread the kid on The Andy Griffith Show was eating. “Why don’t they make bread like that anymore?” I asked.

Then she said that we have a bread maker and could make our own bread. Which led me to wonder, when did we get a bread maker? But she pulled it out of the closet, where it has sat dormant next to the paper towels for years. I’m constantly going into the closet to get paper towels, and if you’d offered me a million dollars to tell you where the bread maker was, I couldn’t have done it. But now I can, so I’m ready for that million dollar question.

I cannot believe how easy it is to make bread. Very easy for me, actually – I watched my wife do it. But it really is simple – just a few ingredients, put it in the bread maker, and 4 hours later you have a big loaf of the best bread you’ve ever tasted. Even better than the taste is the smell that fills the house as the bread is baking.

We started with a loaf of gluten free bread, because my wife has a gluten allergy. It was better than any gluten free bread you can buy, but very heavy. Then we tried a loaf of regular white bread, and it is delicious. It makes the best toast. I’ll probably finish the loaf tomorrow.

We have a bread box?

I discovered something else, too – we have a bread box. Not the type that you saw in the old days, with the door, but a Plexiglas type of box with holes in it to release the humidity. I’m actually not sure where that was hidden for years, but my wife knew. Like most things around here, I guess.

I recommend getting a bread machine and making your own bread. You’ll be happy you did, believe me. Maybe you have a bread maker in the house and you don’t even know it. Check the closet, next to the paper towels.

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