It’s fall in Maine. Wait, it’s summer. Now it’s fall again.

By | October 3, 2017

Remember the good old days,  when Maine had four seasons? Winter slowly changed to spring, spring became summer, and so on? Now I have no idea what’s going on.

Last week, the last week of September, I had the air conditioner on almost every night because it was warm and humid. That’s not normal September weather in Maine. Well, it is now, I guess, but it didn’t used to be. So after having the air on every night, on Saturday we had a fire in the fireplace and on Sunday morning I turned the heat on because it was 35 degrees outside.

Now fall is here. A bit abruptly, maybe, but here at last. But wait a minute. What’s this I see? The forecast is calling for the temperature to be in the 80’s again on Wednesday and Thursday. In October, in Maine.

I’m going to use a couple of words that may make some people angry: global warming. Now that everyone’s all wound up about it, let me say that I don’t know for sure that any of this is being cause by global warming. Bill Nye says it is. He is The Science Guy, and in matters of science I tend to agree with anyone known as ‘The Science Guy’. I do know that our weather in Maine has changed over the last decade. Spring now takes place during the middle two weeks of June, while summer and fall play hopscotch across September and October.

My response to temperature has also changed over the years, and that definitely can’t be blamed on global warming. When I was a kid I’d wear short sleeves when the temperature was in the 50’s, maybe even the 40’s. But now, I seem to get colder every year. Worse than most people, for sure. I really, really don’t like the cold. Yesterday it got up to 65 and I wore a heavy sweater. I went to a football game the other night. It was 55 degrees and I was the only person there wearing a winter hat.

So maybe the weather hasn’t really changed that much. Maybe it’s just me. I’m just happy it’s not snowing yet.

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