My story in an upcoming Chicken Soup for the Soul book

By | September 11, 2017

I haven’t been able to post on here for several weeks. But now I’m back (crowd goes wild!), and I have some writing news.

First, I’ve recently had a couple of short stories accepted for publication. Both will be published in October, I believe. And even better, one of my stories is going to appear in a Chicken Soup for the Soul Book! I’m pretty happy about this, because they get thousands of submissions for each book.

The book is titled “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone”. My story is titled From Plumbing to Prose, and describes how I went from being a master plumber to being a writer. My original title was From Plumbing to Writing, but their title is so much better that I kicked myself for not thinking of it myself. I guess that’s what editors are for.

The book is being released on October 31, in case anyone wants to pick one up. It’s funny, when I first started writing I never thought I’d write for Chicken Soup for the Soul or have so much of my work appearing on parenting blogs.

My fiction is completely different, particularly my novels. More edgy, I guess, and that’s the direction I always thought I’d go. But somehow this seems to be the direction my writing has taken. At times I still have a little trouble accepting it, though I’m very happy and grateful. And I still write fiction. As I said, I’ve got two short stories being published in October. And I’m working on another novel, though it’s going slowly.

Have a great day, and hopefully I’ll have more writing news soon.


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