Cruising in my wife’s car

By | August 16, 2017

A couple of days ago I found a nail head in my tire and I brought my car to Central Tire. Turns out the nail didn’t go all the way through so the tire was fine. Best of all, I didn’t get charged!

While my car was at Central Tire, I had a few errands to do and I used my wife’s car. It’s a Kia Forte. I’ll admit that there are a few things I like about the car – it’s fast and quick and easy to park. But I’m never comfortable in my wife’s car.

Every time I get in the car the radio is on the Christian music channel. Both my wife and son like it, but that music’s not really my style. I feel guilty changing the station, though, because it’ll freak her out to have AC/DC blasting the next time she starts the car. So if I do change the station I try to remember to change it back.

The worst part, though, is the pretty flower air freshener near the steering wheel and the Hello Kitty bobblehead in the middle of the dashboard. I’m past the age where I have to look cool when I drive through town, but come on.

I tell myself that I’m confident enough in my manhood to deal with that stupid swinging kitty in the middle of the dashboard. And I am, until I pull up to a light. Then I stare straight ahead, trying to ignore the (imagined?) laughter resounding from the nearby cars.

So if you happen to be in Maine and see a really cool middle-aged guy driving a car with a Hello Kitty bobblehead on the dash, don’t laugh at him. He’s already embarrassed enough.


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