Lazing on a sunny afternoon

By | July 31, 2017

Yesterday was a beautiful Sunday here in Maine. According to my morning visit to Facebook, everyone was doing something exciting – going to the beach, or the lake, or for a motorcycle ride.

My family did nothing. And honestly, sometimes I like just doing nothing. When I say nothing, I’m actually doing something – I did a little work for a client, started writing a novel, read some of John McEnroe’s new book, watered the flowers, went for a bike ride with my son, etc.

My wife did a haircut in the morning and then decided she would truly do nothing. Her idea of a perfect summer afternoon is to lie on her swing and read a book.

I have trouble relaxing that much, but I have done the same thing on sunny afternoons – bring a pillow outside, lie on the swing, read a little and then close my eyes and listen to the wind rustling the leaves. Next thing you know, snoresville.

Yesterday I spent much of the day inside, but with our sliding glass door open so I could smell the air and hear the sounds of the neighborhood. Here is where I miss having cable, because it was a perfect afternoon to lie on the couch and watch baseball. Instead I read my book.

Sounds boring, I know. But this it how I like to spend a summer day. I’m comfortable in my house, and I’m very content relaxing inside or out in the yard. It’s fun to go to the beach or the lake, although sometimes I feel like people are competing with others on Facebook to see who is having the most fun.

For us, sometimes lying on our backyard swing is all the fun we need.


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