I’d like to apologize to my vegetable garden

By | July 27, 2017

I’ve had a vegetable garden for the past nine years. I’m not the world’s best gardener and every year is an experiment, but the garden seems to grow larger every year, with more and more vegetables all the time.

That changed this year. Last year I had trouble taking care of my garden because of some ongoing health issues. I didn’t do a very good job weeding it, and tending my garden wasn’t as fun as in previous years. Plus we had a pesky groundhog to deal with, although in a way that was kind of fun.

This year, after debating whether or not to even have a garden, I decided to go smaller, about half the size of last year. I planted 3 tomato plants, a dill plant and a basil plant, along with seeds for peas, zucchini and summer squash.

For a few weeks I was able to keep up with the weeding but I haven’t been able to do it for the past couple of weeks. Here’s what my garden looks like now:

Sorry garden

Yup, pretty scary. The three tomato plants (to the left) are doing well. The peas are not. I’ve picked one zucchini, with two more close to being ready. No squash yet, I don’t know if I’ll have any. The dill died quickly. In the top right of the photo, lost in the grass and weeds, the basil is doing well. And the weeds are thriving.

So this is why I apologize to my garden. I wasn’t able to take care of it this year and I feel bad about it. I’ve decided that next year I’m going to build (or have someone build) boxes so I can have my plants in those. Much easier that way, I think. Less weeding.

As for this year, the garden might look bad, but at least we are still getting vegetables from it. And that’s the important thing.


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