I miss tennis, but I’m still glad I cut the cord

By | July 12, 2017

There are many things that I don’t miss about having cable TV. Commercials are definitely number one on this list. If I never watch another commercial about an overpriced, dangerous medication with terrible side effects brought to us by a ‘caring’ drug company, or a ridiculously graphic horror movie advertisement, I’ll be a happy man.

Yes, the pros to cutting the cable far outweigh the cons. I have Amazon Prime and Netflix and I can watch what I want, when I want. Did I mention no commercials? And the cost of having both Amazon Prime and Netflix is about a quarter of our basic cable bill. Plus, my son just got the entire series of Psych for his birthday, so I expect that to take up most of our viewing time for quite a while.

I Miss (Some) Sports

One thing I do miss is sports. Sort of. I don’t really miss NFL football, which for much of my life was my favorite sport but now features enormous steroid monsters, fields that never get muddy, uniforms that never get dirty, choreographed dance routines after most plays, and quarterbacks and receivers who aren’t allowed to be hit. I think there’s more violence (and less dancing) on Dancing With the Stars.

Major League Baseball lost me when everyone started doing steroids and breaking records, and the league allowed those records to stand. I still would like to watch the Red Sox once in a while, though.

No steroids for The Babe. Lots of beer, but no steroids

I used to like boxing, too, but it is completely corrupt now and you’re more likely to get a legitimate champion in WWE than in professional boxing. Heavyweight Champion use to the the most revered position in sports, but now I’ll bet 90% of sports fans (including me) couldn’t tell you who the champ is.

So what do I miss? I miss college football, especially the playoffs and championship game. I miss watching the NBA playoffs. And most of all, I miss watching tennis.

I Want To Watch Wimbledon

Tennis has become my favorite sport. Tennis players are among the best athletes on the planet. They sprint and spin and stretch back and forth, all over the court, often in very hot weather, for four or five hours straight.

In comparison, an NFL player comes into a game for two plays, then goes to the sideline to grab an oxygen mask while an assistant squirts Gatorade down his throat.

Tennis is also great because it’s one on one, with a clear winner and loser. The better player on that day is the victor. No debates. Man vs. Man, or Woman vs. Woman. Right now Wimbledon is on, and I’m hoping Roger Federer gets his eighth title. However, I have to go online and read the results because I don’t have cable.

Who needs cable when you have rabbit ears?

I’m Still Glad I Cut The Cord

Despite this, I don’t miss cable. No inappropriate shows, including the Disney Channel (which is full of snarky kids who insult adults and date at ten years old), for my son. And no commercials! I’m thinking about trying out Sling TV, which offers several cable channels, including ESPN, starting at around $20 a month. I could watch the rest of Wimbledon, cancel it, and sign up again in a couple of months for the U.S. Open.

I just hope they don’t have commercials on Sling.

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