Enjoying a beautiful Maine weekend

By | June 26, 2017

When you see pictures of Maine, they’re usually full of lighthouses, rocky or sandy coastline, beautiful lakes and green forests.

You will find all this when you come to Maine, but you have to be here at the right time. If you think about it, Maine has about two months of summer weather. Mid-June to mid-August, usually.

Out of those roughly 60 days, you might get 20 to 30 that are really nice, warm and sunny. And if you live here in Maine, you probably have to work. Of course, the nice days usually arrive on work days. With rain and cold and work, we Mainers probably get five nice summer days a year that we can actually enjoy. So it’s a good idea to take advantage of them.

This past weekend was beautiful. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, all picture perfect – clear skies, temps in the 80’s. On Friday night the fam decided to head to a baseball game. We have a New England Collegiate League team in our town. Their name? The Mainers. Is that cool or what?

On our way to the game we saw a huge plume of smoke. Being the rugged adventure hunter that I am, I decided to follow the smoke. It turns out that there was a fire an old abandoned mill in the middle of town. The fire was huge, with 100 firefighters from our city and six or seven surrounding communities on hand to put it out.

Sanford mill fire

We weren’t the only ones who were curious. It seemed like half the town was there. After about an hour, we left and ended up catching the last few innings of the Mainers game (a loss).

Lots of options on Saturday night, including another Mainers game and a ride to the beach. But what we ended up doing was going to Shain’s of Maine for a lobster roll (me), hot dogs (my son) and ice cream (my wife). Shain’s has the best ice cream in the world and great fresh lobster rolls for $7.99. In Maine we call that a bahgin.

After going to Shain’s we had a campfire in our backyard with friends. A fire on a clear night under a sky full of stars, drinking a beer and making s’mores – it doesn’t get much better than that. If not for the mosquitoes (the Maine state bird) it would had been perfect.

Sunday began with my son and I picking a couple quarts of fresh strawberries.

Fresh strawberries!

During the afternoon I worked for an hour or so on a novel I’m slowly writing, and then I spent a couple of hours on the swing in our backyard reading. There are very few things so relaxing.

Sunday night we had strawberry shortcake, of course. So good, it looks like we’re going to need to buy more cake and whipped cream and pick more strawberries so we can have it every night this week!

I realize this weekend may not sound very exciting to some people. But after a long, long, long Maine winter, going to a baseball game, having a campfire, and spending a beautiful afternoon lying outside on a swing is pretty close to heaven.


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