I require physical therapy to mow the lawn

By | June 20, 2017

Remember the good old days, when we used to laugh at old guys who referred to mowing the lawn as ‘exercise’? As a younger man I worked a physical job all day and then went to the gym and lifted weights after work. I couldn’t believe those pathetic old farts, referring to mowing the lawn as exercise.

Guess what? I’m now a pathetic old fart. Even worse, really, because I have to do my 1/3 acre lawn in two or three sections. I do part one day and the rest the next day. Not because I don’t have the endurance – I may be 49, but I still have the endurance of a 48-year-old.

Falling apart

My problem is that my body is falling apart. After too many years of plumbing and not listening to my body, I’ve had lots of back problems and surgery on both shoulders. The surgeries didn’t work as well as I’d hoped, and instead of finding a new job as the doctors all suggested, I continued plumbing for another ten years. Now I have arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis – pretty much every ‘itis’ – in my shoulders and neck and knees and elbows and back. Oh, and now my hands. Pretty smart, right?

I’ve been to physical therapy many, many times for different issues. How many times, you ask? My collection of exercise bands from different therapists should give you an idea.

Physical therapy, anyone?

My last couple of physical therapists were really good and helped a lot. I do stretches and exercises every day for my back and shoulders, because if I go more than a couple day without them I’m one big Ouch. So this is why I have to do stretches before and after mowing the lawn, and then apply heat and lie down after finishing. “You just run a marathon, Gary?” “No, but I did mow a very small area of completely flat lawn.”

The Good News

I hate to sound like a brittle 90-year-old. It certainly isn’t like that, and my body has been feeling better lately. The hardest part is accepting that I can’t do what I once could, but I think I’m getting there. It’s something we all go through. Fun getting old, huh? My doctor said to keep moving, so I walk as much as possible, even if it’s only a little at a time. I’ve been using my exercise bands and some light weights plus walking, and I actually feel pretty good.

Help…I’m stuck

More Good News

I’ve had some of my work published in the past couple of weeks. First is a Father’s Day article from the Sanford News, which I mentioned in a previous post.

The next one is a guest post on Your Teen about my son’s attempt to get a driver’s license. And here is a guest post on the Submittable blog about a parenting blog I started.

Right now I don’t think I have anything else waiting to be published. Guess I’d better get writing!




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