The return of ColecoVision

By | June 7, 2017

My favorite video game console of all time is ColecoVision. Like most kids of the late 1970’s – early 1980’s, I started with the Atari home system. It was fun, but the graphics were very poor compared to the games in the arcades. Then, in 1982, when I was 14 years old, we got a ColecoVision. I won’t say it was as life-altering as the first time I saw Christie Brinkley in Sports Illustrated wearing a bikini, but it was right up there.

The graphics were fantastic (remember, 1982), especially compared to Atari.

We had a few games, and my favorite was Cosmic Avenger. I played it for hours at a time, which I suppose makes me a little bit hypocritical when I tell my sons to get off the Xbox or Wii. I can still recall the whistle of the bombs dropping, followed by an explosion that sounded like static. Man, that was fun.

Now I’m 49 years old and I don’t play video games. The games nowadays tend to be too graphically violent for me. I’m looking for an escape, a way to relax, something simple that requires very little thinking.  Madden on the Xbox used to do that for me, but that was Madden 06. The newer ones are so complicated, they require studying a manual. Press these six buttons simultaneously to increase crowd noise. No thanks. Too much work for me.

A Flashback

Earlier this week, I got an email from my brother who lives in Arizona. He’s single, lives alone, and has plenty of time to play video games. So lucky. He was telling me that he bought the next best thing – Colecovision Flashback.

He got it on Amazon for between $30 and $40 and he said the games are great, and the controllers are really good too. It doesn’t have Donkey Kong, but it does have Cosmic Avenger and Zaxon. One thing I wouldn’t like is that the games are built in. It sounds silly, but I think part of the fun would be sliding the cartridges in and out.

I’ll be honest, I want a ColecoVision Flashback. But I’m afraid that I’ll end up wasting way too much time playing video games. I can’t really tell my son to stop playing his games if I’m doing the same thing. Unless, of course, we play Cosmic Avenger together.


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